Ararat Golf Club

Ararat Valley Country Club

Still in the spring of 1998 during his visit in Armenia Vahagn Hovnanyan gave birth to the idea of founding a golf club and developing golf in Armenia.
In 2000 on a small piece of earth, surrounded by majestic Ararat, Aragats and Ara mountains, Vahagn Hovnanyan started the construction of “Ararat Golf Club”
having no precedent in Armenia and whole Transcaucasia, consisting of 9 playing fields and an athletic field.
In the beginning of 2001 the athletic field was put into operation, while the construction of scheduled 9 playing fields was actively progressing.
In 2005 the construction activities were completed and for the first time in Armenia there was provided the occasion to play an aristocratic type of sports, GOLF by name,
loved by millions of people all over the world. In parallel to the construction of golf fields, there were constructed also 18 “Mini Golf” fields,
two tennis courts, a swimming pool, football and basketball fields, etc. In 2005 “Ararat Golf” club was renamed “Ararat Valley Country Club”,
with the scope to gather people around the sport of golf. Within the framework of golf development in Armenia in 2007 the first golf competition was organized in Armenia.
In the future the Golf Competition gave start of an annual Golf Tournament named by the founder of Ararat Golf Club,
and the President of Golf Association Mr. Vahak Hovnanian – “Vahakni Open” Golf Tournament.